Leading Gap - What makes Gamma-Scout superior in comparison to other Geiger counters?

There are a variety of Geiger counters available on the market today. What makes Gamma-Scout a superior product? There are many reasons why, see features. Some of these features are emphasized below:

1. The core component of every Geiger counter is a Geiger-Müller counter tube. Among experts, the best known counter tube of small dimensions is a product made in the USA (LND Incorporated, www.lndinc.com). It is high-priced, but of high quality. Gamma-Scout operates with this counter tube, which can also measure alpha radiation (e. g. radon gas/plutonium). Lower-priced Geiger counters use counter tubes of lower quality and can only measure gamma radiation.

2. The health risks caused by increased radiation are particularly high for long-term exposure. This is the reason
why the Radiation Protection Ordinance does not feature short-term threshold values, but names
20 millisievert/year (=20,000 microsievert/year). For daily monitoring, it is practical to downscale the annual
value into an hourly value (to measure by minutes and seconds), but its main purpose is still to control the
cumulative value (cumulative dose). For this purpose, the device has to count and accumulate the values over
a long period of time, which is not possible if the Geiger counter only operates for an hour and is then
switched off. For continuous measurement, the battery needs to last for a long period of time. Therefore,
the device needs to have extremely low power consumption. The Gamma-Scout’s power consumption is so low
(approx. 10 microampere in basic operation mode) that the battery lasts for many years.
Physicists say that the determination of additional radiation exposure is only possible through long-term data
accumulation. Additional radiation exposure easily doubles people’s annual exposure
(from approx. 2 to 4 mSv/a) and occurs through, e.g., medical devices, flights (5 to 10 µSv/h, which is 25x to
50x higher than normal ambient radiation), and through vacations in higher altitudes or at
monazite-impregnated sand beaches.
To accomplish solid measurement results for these low radiation levels, the measurement time should be
at least several hours, or even better, several days.

3. Some users criticize that Gamma-Scout‘s battery is not removable, but soldered to the device. There is a
good reason for this: With a removable battery, extremely low power consumption used by Gamma-Scout
would cause oxidized contacts , resulting in immediate contact interruption. This is why an uninterrupted
connection is indispensable.

4. The concept of Gamma-Scout, to operate with constant data accumulation, carries the important technical
advantage that semiconductors remain more stable in comparison to devices with operation interruptions.

5. There may be potential customers who are not interested in advanced features such as alpha radiation
measurement, data accumulation, impulse rate measurement, REM measurement, etc. Some people may
prefer a simple solution; a less sophisticated, lower priced (switch on, read, switch off) gadget. For these
potential customers, we have developed the Gamma-Easy >>www.gamma-easy.com, available at the lowest
price level one can offer for Geiger counters with reasonable measurement.