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Delivery information:
Due to increased supplies of US made GM tubes we are ready to supply
about one week after receipt of an order!

Product Type                                           Price (except V.A.T.)
GAMMA-SCOUT® BASIC VERSION            293.00 €
GAMMA-SCOUT®  w/ALERT                         335.00 €
Bag (Leather)                                                         8.45 € 

GAMMA-SCOUT® Basic Version (without alert and ticker)
293.00  € (except V.A.T.)

GAMMA-SCOUT® w/ALERT (basic funktions plus alert and ticker)
335.00 € (except V.A.T.)

Extended version with acustic limit warning and ticker.
Gamma-Scout features an audible alert when
radiation levels exceed a user-programmed level.

GAMMA-SCOUT® RECHARGEABLE (with the functions of the w/ALERT-model)
365.00 €
(except V.A.T.)

Equipped with a rechargeable battery. Chargeable via USB port or power supply (included in delivery).
Storage capacity for registered pulses extended to 32,000 readings.
Optional shorter logging intervals (minimum 10 seconds) available now.

GAMMA-SCOUT® ONLINE (with the functions of the w/ALERT-model)
419.00 € (except V.A.T.)

In addition, this model features the option to display the detected pulses in
selectable cycles (minimum every 2 seconds) via USB interface on a PC.
Power supply via USB interface. Change of operation mode is possible
via USB interface. Data logging, ticker, and alert stay active while data ist transmitted.

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