TOOLBOX® Handling – Assistance for Data-Reading from Gamma-Scout ®

Gamma-Scout GmbH & C0, KG is a company that produces Geiger-Mueller Counters.

Our goal is to offer a reliable, easy to handle, and affordable measurement gadget that enables
anyone to autonomously measure/check radiation in the workplace, personal environment, or
while traveling.

For this reason, we designed Gamma-Scout as a constantly monitoring device that cannot be
switched off. The Gamma-Scout logs data internally night and day and enables the user to read
out data with the assistance of our „Toolbox“ software.
Despite all efforts to keep this procedure as simple as possible, we have still been flooded with
requests. Most of those requests have nothing to do with malfunction of our software, but are general
consultations about setting up the users‘ computer.
This kind of consultation cannot be included in our service if we want to keep our product affordable.
Therefore, we would like to reorganize our data-reading assistance service:

1. The  „Toolbox“ Software CD (included in the delivery) is synchronized for use with the „usual“
operating system software, which is currently Windows 7/Windows 8. We have added a clear
navigation for users with older Microsoft operating system software. However, in special situations
( e.g. very old configurations, internal restrictions that forbid the use of external software, occupied
ports etc.), please follow the steps below:

2. We offer our read-out software as a service compatible with Microsoft operating system software.
Users with Apple or Linux software need additional software (freeware) to run the read-out procedure.

Date: 2013