Repair services and charges

Our product legal warranty covers component and processing defects. It is active for 24 months
after delivery (from Gamma-Scout GmbH&Co, KG). Destroyed sensors are not included in this warranty.
We guarantee that all sensors are functional at the time of delivery because a calibration procedure
is performed before each product is sent out.

Furthermore, we offer a repair service as described below. Please note: Troubleshooting and possible
reshipment without repair is also subject to charges. If a repair order is received without a request for
a cost estimate, there will be no charges for troubleshooting or cost estimate inquiry.
Repair orders must be for complete repairs only.

(Date: 06/2011)


Costs in Euro before VAT

 My Material
My Shipment (Germany)
Total Costs for Customer
Cost estimate
 10.00 10.00
2 Battery change 30.00 5.00 10.0045,00
3 Processor change 70.00  10.0080.00
4 Sensor change 30.00 40.00 10.0080.00
5 High voltage unit change 30.00
6Display change
 30.00 10.00 10.0050.00
 7Finding and soldering disconnected contact, other <,= 30.00  10.00
 <,= 40.00