Congratulations, you are using a Gamma-Scout. If all you want to do now is analyze your data on a PC and you need the latest software or instructions, look no further. This is where you will find everything you need for the latest-generation Gamma-Scout A 4.00 models (FW 7.2 -> down compatible to 6.10 incl.)


*** NEWS ***

*Gamma-Scout ONLINE users can now present their data using our new graphics tools (so far only for WIN; soon for MAC, too)

* Our latest software version provides the chance to be up-to-date at all times via the new update function and to benefit in future from new software features

* Gamma-Scout users can evaluate their data not only in WINDOWS but also in MAC OS X

* Gamma-Scout for developers – you can write your own read-out software with the aid of the interface specification downloadable here. Let’s go!


Current software from FW 6.10 or younger


  • For Windows users (WIN 7, WIN 8/8.1 or 10.0)

Gamma-Scout Toolbox 5 (for all GS models)

  • For MAC OS X users

Gamma-Scout® Reader (for all GS models)

Gamma-Scout Realtime (for GS Online models only)


Handbook & interface specification


  • GAMMA-SCOUT Handbook (Status Nov. 2018)

All information you need to operate your Gamma-Scout

Manual (see p. 38ff.)

  • Interface Specification for Programmers

Write your own applications with the aid of the documented interface specifications

Gamma-Scout_Interface Protocol_V1.7