Congratulations, you are using a Gamma-Scout. If all you want to do now is analyze your data on a PC and you need the latest software or instructions, look no further. This is where you will find everything you need for the latest-generation Gamma-Scout A 4.00 models (FW 7.2 -> down compatible to 6.10 incl.)


*** NEWS ***

*Gamma-Scout ONLINE users can now present their data using our new graphics tools (so far only for WIN; soon for MAC, too)

* Our latest software version provides the chance to be up-to-date at all times via the new update function and to benefit in future from new software features

* Gamma-Scout users can evaluate their data not only in WINDOWS but also in MAC OS X

* Gamma-Scout for developers – you can write your own read-out software with the aid of the interface specification downloadable here. Let’s go!


Current software from FW 6.10 or younger

Please check your FW status first (press the battery icon and enter key / left arrow on the keyboard of your device) before updating the software – as the new software is not compatible with old devices (<FW 6.1). For copy protection reasons, the processor will be “fused” after assembly, so it is not possible to update the FW.

  • For Windows users (WIN 7, WIN 8/8.1 or 10.0)

Gamma-Scout Toolbox 5 (for all GS models)

  • For MAC OS X users

Gamma-Scout® Reader (for all GS models)

Gamma-Scout Realtime (for GS Online models only)


Handbook & interface specification

  • GAMMA-SCOUT Handbook (Status Nov. 2018)

All information you need to operate your Gamma-Scout

Manual (see p. 38ff.)

  • Interface Specification for Programmers

Write your own applications with the aid of the documented interface specifications

Gamma-Scout_Interface Protocol_V1.7