Repair A-Z

Repairs during and after the warranty period

Our products come with the statutory warranty of 24 months following delivery (ex Gamma-Scout GmbH & Co. KG) for defects relating to parts or production. Counter tubes with visible external damage do not fall under the terms of the warranty.

We also offer the repair services listed below. Because the cause of a problem can only be identified after the device has been assessed and opened up as well as appraised by the workshop, it also costs money to prepare an estimation (30 € excl. VAT) and does not include repairs. However, the cost estimation is not necessarily.

Due to the legal rules for the binding placing of orders, a repair order must always be in writing (by email or letter). For repairs that are outside the statutory warranty (of 2 years), we recommend the cost estimation at a price of 30 €, so that you can decide whether a repair is worthwhile or not. If you want a cost estimation, you have to confirm this separately.

PLEASE NOTE: To simplify order placement, please send the following form to the following email address: BEFORE you ship the package to us.


I hereby inform you of my intention to send to you for repair my Gamma-Scout, serial number __________.

I prefer the following process (please mark):

I am instructing you to prepare a cost estimate for said repair, priced at 30 euros (excl. VAT).

I give Gamma-Scout GmbH & Co. KG the repair order WITHOUT having to prepare a cost estimate beforehand.

My contact details are:





Please send the defective device along with your completed instruction and your full contact details (in the event of queries) to the following address:

Gamma-Scout GmbH & Co. KG

Max-Planck-Str. 22 // 2nd Floor

50858 Cologne


In the event that, within 2 weeks, no order is received for the cost estimate or no order is issued for the repair specified once a cost estimate has been sent, the device will be returned to you at your own cost.


Because repairs are undertaken by a professional company that does not work exclusively for us, it reserves the right to a processing time of up to 4 weeks.


Costs in euro (excl. VAT)

Standard repairs

No. Repair Labor Material Shipping costs*

(within Germany)

1 Fault investigation /
cost estimate (without repair)
30 30
2 Replace battery 35 5 15 55
3 Replace counter tube 45 45 15 105
4 Minor repairs 20 5 15 40

* We charge shipping of €25 within the EU (excl. Germany), and €45 (airmail) to Norway and Switzerland; the cost of shipping to other countries depends on distance and the weight of the package.