Gamma-Scout® is the right product for you if you wish to ensure your environment is free from significant radioactive contamination. One of the major benefits of the Gamma-Scout® is that it is highly sensitive to extremely low levels of radiation. For instance, it can even measure the radioactivity in granite countertops.

For general radiation measurement applications, we have 4 basic customer groups:

The first group comprises safety and rescue organizations, such as police and fire departments, emergency response organizations, private security firms, hazardous material disposal and metal recycling companies. This group also includes customers who are simply interested in checking a package, suitcase, vehicle, loose material, or any object they believe could be contaminated.

The second customer group is private individuals concerned about personal safety, or people wishing to own a reliable device for measuring environmental contamination – at home or while travelling (in the event of an environmental incident or terrorist attack).

The third customer group consists of educators or hobbyists who want to test various materials
or demonstrate principles of radioactivity.

The fourth type of customer is hospitals, labs and any organizations that handle radioactive materials or generate radioactive emissions. Many of our customers work in the medical field (such as radiologists or dentists). We even sell Gamma-Scout® to air-freight pilots who check their cargo before flying “just in case”.

The bottom line is that if you, your company or your organization believe you may encounter radioactivity (even if that possibility is remote), and you want to protect yourself against this potential danger, information and knowledge is a critical factor in your protection. In which case, you should own a Gamma-Scout®.