In the medical sector, the energies used are often around 60 KeV and are clearly detectable with the counter tube open. It is more difficult to draw a conclusion if the radiation hits the device from the side or from above, as very little of 60 KeV will penetrate. Measurements with Ba-133 (main line 356 KeV) show roughly 50% of the value measured with the open counter tube.

X-rays and gamma rays are considered wave radiation. Gamma rays are generated in the nucleus of the atom, while X-rays originate in the atom’s shell.

Put simply, there is no difference between the effects of X-rays and gamma rays (at the same energy).

Attached is a spectrum from a variable X-ray source with Am-241 and 60 KeV excitation energy as well as several different X-ray lines generated by the absorber barium.