Mentioning nuclear incidents and terrorist attacks is not intended to stir up fear or anxiety; it is merely an unfortunate reflection of today’s reality (e.g. Fukushima). The potential risk cannot be ignored. Therefore, although Gamma-Scout® was originally developed before 9/11, it has been optimized for use in the event of nuclear incidents or terror attacks. In such situations (unless you’re at ground zero), your exposure to radiation will probably be at relatively low, but may gradually rise. In fact, there may be no initial signs in your immediate environment.

Gamma-Scout® detects changes in ambient radiation levels with a precision of less than one percent deviation. Drifting radioactive material can settle on and inside your house, contaminating your food or water. With Gamma-Scout®, you don’t have to check radiation levels every day. The built-in buffer memory allows you to download accumulated measurement data onto your PC to display even minor changes in radiation levels over many years. And you have the option to activate an audio alert should radiation reach a user-programmable level.